Who doesn’t want a real taste of the old west? Tucson is the place to go, and you can even take a side trip to Nogales, Mexico. There are a lot of charming places to stay in vista-laden settings with giant saguaro cactus as far as the eye can see, like spiny green pillars strewn across the land. You immediately imagine horses aplenty and a stagecoach or two.

If are looking for a place to relocate for a career change, consider Tucson, as it is pleasant desert oasis with a beautiful natural setting that you will fall in love with. Students abound giving the area a youthful vibe. The University of Arizona is fabulous and is noted for its fine medical school.

The kids look for jobs all around, whatever is available. They can be a junior ranch hand on a cattle farm or help local merchants that serve the numerous tourists. They find employment in bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. There are some wonderful dude ranches and resorts in the vicinity of downtown. Students will take anything, even servicing guest rooms. This may entail scrubbing a toilets.

Who has time to clean the bathroom when the mountains around Tucson are calling? But they agree to tackle the nasty chore for wages so they can play later. Someone has to do it. So why not do it fast and well? As a worker at the Tucson University Hotel, I have a few words to offer on the best toilet cleaning.

It is pretty simple and common knowledge. You need a good brush and some disinfectant. This is rule number one. If the place you work skimps on quality, ask them to fork enough over to make the job more effective. I can’t say pleasant, but the right equipment helps. After all, it is a daily task so make it meaningful.

Many toilets are self-cleaning, and you are lucky if the public facilities are updated and modern. You just have to replace the fluid and wipe down the porcelain surface lickety-split. Bleach-filled wipes come in convenient dispensers for this purpose. Ask your employer to buy in bulk. All this, of course, applies to any home or private space, such as an office.

If you just get to it, you will soon be outside enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. Anyone who works the guest rooms of a hotel treasures the fresh air. You can hike in the local area on numerous trails and enjoy a night of camping close by under the stars. The desert stretches seemingly forever, but the action stops at the border. Mexico has its rules and students are known troublemakers. Ha! We can keep them busy in Tucson with menial jobs.